Greetings for everybody at my brand-new site! I’m Norbert Rostas, your captain, Star Wars fan and collector. I wanna fill an empty space in the segment, because there are only a few sites showing custom themes, mainly abroad, and none in Hungary. Since we cannot buy game and comic based figures, just a few, our main profile will be to display PC game and comic/cartoon characters, I manufactured mostly those, what I could not buy in stores. I am an amateur, I customize for my own joy and for other Starwars fans, and also write articles for those people, professionals may find mistakes, but my goal is to satisfy the average Star Wars fans. I work hard, to make this site an interesting, colorful, and a pleasant site. I offer you good articles to read, interesting stories, nice custom figures, which all will be available here for the visitors. The site has just started, so the menu and the links won’t work yet, it is only a frame, but every time when I will refresh it, I plan to install some new things, so if you are curious, please visit me frequently! I am an employee, but I will do my best to slowly display the results of many year’ collecting and customizing in my spare time! Your feedback is valuable for me, please contact us with the email address linked at the bottom of the site. Thanks! Norbert